Tasks and Prizes

Here's what you're fighting for!
HackYeah is all about the new ways of interpreting the word EXTREME and working around issues related to it. To make the tasks more challenging we're dividing EXTREME into three categories.


What comes to your mind when thinking of extreme sports? Advanced ways of analyzing trainings data, tracking devices on a completely new level, solutions for preventing injuries? The number of ideas is unlimited.

Concerened that you don't know much about extreme sports?
No worries, we've got you covered! We're bringing in amazing people who do extreme sports on everyday basis to inspire you and provide necessary background to kick off your project.

PRIZE: 10 000 PLN


Nature often shows its beatufiul and mesmerizing face, yet sometimes nature leads to dangerous and devastating anomalies. Floods, fires, or eathquakes - extreme natural disasters need better ways of preventing, analyzing, warning and reacting afterwards. Have you ever thought of ways to prevent such situations? XNature is the category where you can implement your ideas and give them a go together with the help of specialists.

Or maybe you have a good idea on how to use the natural resources in a new way, or how to fight against the global warming? Nature has so many pending issues, so if there's something we haven't mentioned here, don't let us limit you. Bring your team together and let's help nature!

PRIZE: 10 000 PLN


The number of pressing social issues is growing everyday. There are so many people living in extreme conditions needing our help. Think of poverty, homelessnes, lack of accessibility to clean water to so many people, and then imagine how technology can help it.

Or simply take a look around in your everyday life. Polution, matter of accessibility, diversity or uneployement, as well as security, urban issues or freedom. Let's think together how technology can make our lives better.

PRIZE: 10 000 PLN

But that's not the end of surprises! Our partners have extra challenges for you to solve so during hackathon!
It's all up to you if you want to fight for EXTREME prizes or try to solve our Partners' tasks. Psst! We're not limiting you to only one category! Want to try to solve partners' tasks as well as come up with extreme project on your own? You're more than welcome and we keep our fingers crossed for you!

City (X-Social)
City of Krakow
On the path to the georevolution in Krakow - making data more accessible
( and nothing else matters... )
Data Science (X-Social)
Ministry of Finance
White-hack for the Ministry of Finance and use Big Data to help to track down fraudsters
1st Prize:
30 000 PLN + tickets & travel to Web Summit

2nd Prize:
20 000 PLN

3rd Prize:
10 000 PLN
Grid Dynamics