When joining HackYeah you can deal with any task you want. This might seem a little hard, but it gives you the opportunity to work on the idea in your area of expertise.

You can work on one or multiple tasks and you can be a member of one or several teams at once!

What’s more, you do not need to decide what task you’re working on before the hackathon.

There are two kinds of tasks: MAIN and PARTNERS TASKS.


Main tasks consist of three OPEN categories, which means you only get the topic and it’s totally up to you in which direction you’ll develop your project. We don’t give any guidelines or one particular technology, however, there will be mentors for each of those categories who can help you with some ideas.

The open categories for 2019 are:


We do not ask for the rights to the solutions from Main Tasks.


The HackYeah Partners always prepare various special tasks based on their current needs – whether open or one-solution tasks. Working on them is a superb opportunity for you and a huge step in your career.


Make sure to check each tasks terms as they will specify what is needed to successfully complete a challenge.



How to make connections and stay in touch no matter where you are and no matter what language you speak? Have you ever thought about a way to enable people to understand each other? Could you make a great game helping to learn foreign languages? How to fight fake news? Can you shorten the time of transmitting data?

We’re looking for solutions in the areas of news, social media, supplying information, overcoming obstacles and barriers, network, communities and more! Embrace your ideas in this category and feel the power of COMMUNICATION.

Take part in HackYeah: sleep, eat, code and repeat, bringing better solutions.


Let’s care for the ENVIRONMENT together. People on Earth do a lot of harm to our planet, animals, and nature. The world is changing, when we think about the future, the number one priority must be to protect the climate. It’s important to try to take some responsibility for the world and the environment we live in.

You’re the boss! Join HackYeah and do some good for us all.

Every smartphone can be used to learn more about how to recycle efficiently and how to make small lifestyle changes. Can you create an app that makes people more eco-friendly? Can AI save humankind and the planet? Think about green solutions, think about smart cities, think about the future and do your best using your both skills and IT knowledge.


SECURITY – what does it mean to you? All parents worry about their kids. Could you help them rest assured when their children are away?

This is just a hint, there are so many options.

You don’t know where the road goes but your brand new application could make every trip safer and well planned. Moreover, the right to privacy is one of the hottest topics nowadays. If cybersecurity is your thing, take up this challenge. Privacy, safety, insurance, safekeeping it’s all a part of this category. Technology, creativity and your skills can create new tools and better solutions. Is there a way to keep safe in danger? SECURITY means something different to everybody. Do you have some ideas?

Let’s go, let’s HackYeah!


[Polish Armed Forces again at HackYeah!]

Do you want to check yourself in space of Cybersecurity? After the phenomenal last year’s participation of the army, you will find us at HackYeah again! This year we have prepared new CTF challenge! We guarantee a lot of positive energy, support at every stage, and remarkable prizes for the winners – first one: 15 000 PLN, second 10 000 PLN and third 5 000. We have also prepared additional prizes to be revealed soon. They will allow you to take part in “military adventure” in real life!

Soon, last year’s winner will tell you about how they managed to survive the parachute jump and the Rosomak off-road ride on a real training ground.

Come and try yourself in virtual world, and enjoy the prizes in real one!

The biggest stationary hackathon in Europe

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Each task has its own judging criteria. Make sure to read through carefully before you start working on any of them.


Our judges will evaluate each Open Task submission in five categories:


  • idea – how creative has the group been? Did the team come up with a new approach, or followed existing patterns? Does it do something new and unique? 30%
  • technical aspects – How technically impressive was the solution? Is it demo-ready? 30%
  • design – How well is it designed? Is the design different from what has been done many times? 20%
  • relation to task category – Does it contribute to the chosen category? Does it have social or business potential? 10%
  • wow! factor – surprise the judges with the way you work, your work ethic, something unique about the project 10%


Each Partner Task has its own unique criteria for evaluation. Once more details about these tasks are published, here you will find all the necessary information to prepare yourself for solving them.

14-15 of September, Warsaw

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The official platform to upload the tasks is HACKEREARTH unless a particular task specifies otherwise.

If you have any problems using Hackerearth check our FAQ.


No team? No problem with that!

There are two options.

First: you can work alone…
Second: if you want to form a team we will provide a special team building space where, under the eye of mentors and volunteers, you’ll be able to form your dream team! With all the skills it needs to win!

The location of this zone can be found on the venue maps in eventory app and on the screens around the venue.

If you’re impatient you can start looking for your teammates just now on the HackerEarth platform and on Discord!


Each year we invite specialists from various fields who are ready to help you. You can find them in the Mentors Village where they will be happy to inspire you and answer any questions you might have.


There are two types of mentors:



They are mostly NGOs whose area of expertise is one of the 3 main categories of the Hackathon (Communication, Environment, and Security).

They can advise the teams if their idea is relevant for the specific topic, suggest the direction of developing the idea or simply come up with the solution the team could work on.


These mentors take care of the more technical part of the project development. They are mostly individuals, with specific knowledge.

They can advise if the team has some issues with UX, does not know how to solve some trouble while programming, has no idea how to present on the stage or has any other technical problems while hacking!


If you would like to become a mentor go ahead and contact Paulina, our head of mentoring. You can reach her by an email paulina.makarewicz@hackyeah.pl or call this number +48 506 689 550.