2 days
various tasks
2500 programmers
Warsaw, Poland

After a successful edition in 2017, once again we invite developers and hackers to join HackYeah. This year, with over 2500 participants, it’s gonna be the biggest stationary hackathon… in the world!

Let's meet on November 24-25th in Warsaw, Poland. We’re looking for the greatest talents, most involved and open-minded people. You're gonna work for 24 hours on bringing the world brand new solutions. Where to start and how it works?

Everything begins with an idea. You're on top of the IT world, the sky is the limit. All the geeks and creative people are welcomed. At HackYeah each task will be a separate competition with separate prizes. We were working intensively on the preparations for this. To pick hot topics we’ve organized the Antihackathon. We’ve discussed choices from a survey with tech-savvy minds and we’ve chosen the official HackYeah categories! Your journey begins at a point beyond imagining. There are three open tracks – if you need freedom of thought and action - it’s a good choice:

MAIN tasks


Could you create a web platform improving tomorrow’s health care? Could you make an app raising awareness of the challenges of living with a rare disease? Could your emergency system provide the right answer at the right time, which could save a life? Health is everything. How can people take better care of themselves? Any ideas, any solutions? Join HackYeah - the biggest stationary hackathon in the world and work with a team of extraordinary developers and mentors to find a way to help people on Earth.

Finance & Investments

Employees in financial sector face a lot of problems these days. IT brings new solutions to the markets, but there is still much to do. Could your app develop a deep understanding of the structure and workings of finance processes? Could you make an innovative system improving banking operations? Could you prevent irregularities and fraud in financial operations with a new technology? If finance & investments are your thing, you must get the task done in this category.


Lots of children and students still don’t have access to an appropriate and well-structured education system. Hackers helping people? Oh yes! This track is notable because of persisting inequality and marginalization. Could you think about a platform that would help kids with homework? Could you make a VR game that could improve the development of quality education and training? Have you ever thought about a way to help students with preparing for exams? If yes, then join HackYeah to create new solutions for education.

More challenging tasks will be waiting for you at HackYeah! Details about partners' categories will be published soon. Be ready!


  • you were born coding or you’ve just started to code
  • you live in CEE region or somewhere else
  • you create something new and want to implement it
  • you’ve never been to Warsaw or you’d love to visit the capital of Poland again
  • your head is full of ideas
  • rivalry and competition are your thing
  • teamwork and competition are your things
  • you’re ready for fame and success or you can take failure among friends
  • you’re looking to connect with new people
  • you want to be a part of the biggest stationary hackathon in the world, loud initiative and beating a record that will go down in history for years to come…
  • you want to meet leaders of IT field - both companies and experts
  • Java, C/C++,C#, .Net, Scala, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML5, SQL rings you a bell and...
  • ...so VR, AR, AI, IoT, Data Mining, Gamedev, Productdev, Mobile or Automotive do


HackYeah costs only a symbolic fee and all the profit will be donated to Szkoła 3.0 - a charity organization supporting IT courses for kids at Children's Homes in Krakow