One Hackathon to rule them all
2000 attendees
2 days
various tasks
Tauron Arena, Kraków
I'm in!

We want to invite you to the biggest stationary hackathon in Europe where we're gonna work for 24hours on bringing the word EXTREME to new levels.

VR, AR, AI, IoT, Data Mining, Security, GameDev, Fintech, ProductDev, Mobile, Cloud Computing
Java, C/C++, .Net, Swift, Objective, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Html5, SQL

ring a bell to you?

Then let's meet on October 28-29th in Krakow, Poland.

But hey, guess what?
If you're not a develeoper... you're more than welcome to join us too! Hackathons are not only for developers, they're simply for all creative minds. Maybe you're a designer, passionate about business, or fan of extreme sports? We hope to see you soon!

Find out more details and what's behind our main theme in FAQ, check out the categories and prizes, or take a look at the schedule.

FAQ Tasks and Prizes SCHEDULE


  • you were born coding or…
  • you just started to code and want to get better
  • you love rivalry
  • you create something new and want to implement it
  • you don’t have a knowledge about programming but you have a head full of ideas
  • you’re hungry for rewards
  • Java, C/C++,C#, .Net, Scala, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML5, SQL rings you a bell and...
  • VR, AR, AI, IoT, Data Mining, Gamedev, Productdev, Mobile or Automotive do
  • you want to meet leaders of IT field - both companies and experts
  • you know the difference between bug and feature ( there a difference?)
  • you have no other plans for weekend
  • you want to be a part of a bold, loud initiative and beating a record that will go down in history for years to come…


Join HackYeah, show us the most extreme and innovative project, solve the chosen partner task and take up the challenge to be become widely proclaimed as the best IT team in the world! All that in the festival center of Krakow!

HackYeah countdown

HackYeah costs only a symbolic fee and all the profit will be donated to Szkoła 3.0 - a charity organization supporting IT courses for kids at Children's Homes in Krakow