One Hackathon to rule them all
I'm in!
The biggest stationary hackathon in the world! Over 2000 attendees divided into Java, C/C++,C#, .Net, Scala, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML5, SQL specialists.

In October 2017 we’re organizing HackYeah! - world’s biggest stationary hackathon gathering participants from CEE region. Such unique meeting deserves an exceptional venue - Tauron Arena Kraków, where only grand, loud and media visible events take place!

We invite you to join the supreme circle of leaders of IT world, who will become a part of the event that is unique on a worldwide scale!

HackYeah! is a place for extreme people from the IT world who love adrenaline! During 48 hours we are going to test your limits in programming for the sake of people having guts to do extravagant things! What comes to your mind when you think about EXTREME LIVING? Hiking, jumping, riding, flying, diving? Faster, higher, lower, better? You like to watch it, do it, cherish it, try it? Show us what you’re made of and let’s hack the hell out of IT!


  • you were born coding or…
  • you just started to code and want to get better
  • you love rivalry
  • seeing a new job offer you say: why not!?
  • you’re hungry for rewards
  • Java, C/C++,C#, .Net, Scala, Swift, Objective C, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML5, SQL rings you a bell
  • you can turn the above mentioned terms into solutions for VR, AR, AI, IoT, Data Mining, Security, Gamedev, Fintech, Productdev, Mobile, Cloudcomputing or Automotive
  • you want to meet leaders of Polish IT field - both companies and experts
  • you know the difference between bug and feature ( there a difference?)
  • you have no other plans for weekend
  • you want to be a part of a bold, loud initiative and beating a record that will go down in history for years to come…


Join HackYeah, take on the chosen task and take up the challenge to be become widely proclaimed as the best IT team in the world! All that in the festival center of Krakow!

Over a dozen tasks from partners to solve. 48 hours of intense work. Several CEE countries. Rivalry, hard work, great fun, prizes and job offers to win! HackYeah!